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Handil Yard

Meindo's Handil Yard is situated in Mahakam-Delta, East Kalimantan area, whereby major Oil & Gas upstream production facilities are located. Since its incorporation in 2004, Meindo has progressively developed and equipped our Handil Yard to facilitate all our fabrication and construction activities.

Our current developed yard area (Handil 0 and 1) encompasses a total of 16.6 hectares, complete with workshops, warehouses, auto blasting and painting shop, offices, skidways and berthing areas. Meindo takes pride in providing the best housing facility for its employees and clients. In the recent HSE Communication Forum 2016, Meindo is proud to receive The Makaham Award for the category of The Most Improved Camp Accommodation.

Handil Yard's capacity can hold up to:

ANNUAL THROUGHPUT                16,000 TONS


TOTAL AREA                               16.6 HA

SKIDWAYS                                 180M x 15.5M & 100M x 18M

WATER DEPTH                             5M