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KL Gas Lift Compressor

Client PT. Pertamina Hulu Energy (PHE) ONWJ
Project Name KL Gas Lift Compressor
Project Description

KLA flow station is one of the major gas producers in the PHE ONWJ area with a normal gas production of 40-60 MMSCFD and a normal crude oil production up to 4,000 BOPD. The crude oil form KLA and KLB platforms are produced by using in-situ gas lift from gas source wells.

The gas lift pressure continued to decrease and its flowrate would no longer be sufficient.

In order to maintain the pressure and the flow rate, PHE ONWJ intended to install compressor at KLB for increasing gas lift supply, as well as utilizing the gas lift to recover the KLA generator fuel gas supply.

Lastly, gas lift system is installed at KLC to anticipate the future need for gas lift injection in order to maintain KLC production.

Contract Award April 2014
Scope Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation for KL Gas Lift Compressor in COMPANY KL Field Area (KLA, KLB and KLC) Platform.
Project Location Located in the Java Sea approximately 100 miles North-East of Jakarta

Helideck, Mezzanine Deck and Equipment Demolition, Riser Guard Installation, Deck Extension

Two Train of Compressors, Gas Engine Generator, Fuel Gas System, Seal Gas Packages System

Cooler Packages Including all its Accessories, Lube Oil Packages, Flare Boom Installation, and Flare System Including all its Accessories (Flare Tip and Front Flame Generator)

Instrument Air Compressor System, Pig Receiver, Pig Launcher, New Control Room Including HVAC System and Control Room Modification

Piperacks, Electrical/Instrument, PCS, ESD, F&G System, MCC Installation, and Pipe Spool

Safety Equipment Installation


Water Depth 55 m
Project Completion  July 2015