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Bangka Topsides

Client CHEVRON Indonesia
Project Name Bangka Topsides EPCI
Project Description

Bangka Field is a Deepwater Gas Field located in offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia in 3200 feet of water depth. The field is developed with two subsea well completions; tie in the production to existing West SENO Floating Production Unit (FPU) through a new 9.5 inch ID flexible flowline. A new 6 inch umbilical is installed for remote subsea controls from the FPU. The Bangka Field is part of Rapak PSC offshore East Kalimantan, about 17 kilometers north of West SENO Field.

Modifications are being made to the existing FPU for receiving and processing of the Bangka gas and condensate. The produced water are separated out, while gas and condensate are transported via existing West SENO pipelines to Chevron’s Santan Terminal.

Contract Award March 2014
Scope Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Hook-Up, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Asistance
Project Location Deepwater gas field located in offshore East Kalimantan in Makassar Straits.
Scope of Work

Bangka Topside Facilities are installed to house Bangka Production. All Bangka Topside Equipment are installed at West SENO FPU. The new facilities are tie in and integrated to the existing West SENO facilities.

The modification are being made on the existing West SENO FPU in order to provide the spaces for the Bangka new facilities. This is including the decommissioning, demolition and relocation of the existing unused equipment.

Bangka Topside Facilities are basically clustered into the following system.

  • A Boarding Shut Down Valve and Shut Down Valve initiated by fire loop are installed to protect the downstream equipment during the upset condition. A choke valve is installed for manual depressurization. An Electric Heater is installed downstream of choke valve to increase a very low gas feed inlet temperature during the manual depressurization. The gas then will be flared through the existing West SENO flaring system.A flow-back system consist of strainers, valves and control valves are also installed for the use for well fluid clean up at the initial startup of the wells.
  • New equipment for the gas and liquid separation process are installed to house Bangka production. The major equipment of fluid separation system are as follows:

Ø  Pig Receiver.

Ø  Slug Catcher.

Ø  Inlet Heater.

Ø  Production Separator.

Ø  Coalescer Separator.

Ø  Condensate Cooler.

Ø  Hydrocyclone Unit.

  • A dedicated meter for the produced fluid from Bangka field and West SENO field is installed in both Bangka Topside Facility and Existing West SENO Facility to measure the total production of Bangka field and West SENO field separately. An Allocation type meter is installed to measure the production flow rate from Bangka field. A dedicated flow computers are installed for gas and liquid metering.
  • Chemicals are injected to subsea tree through the umbilical and injected to Topside facilities in order to have continuous operations for flow assurance purpose. Major equipment for chemical injection facilities are include chemical injection pumps, tanks, injection quills, corrosion coupons and its control and safety system. The Chemical Injection facilities installed at Bangka Topside Project are as follow:

Ø  Demulsifier injection facility.

Ø  Wax inhibitor injection facility.

Ø  Scale inhibitor injection facility.

Ø  Corrosion inhibitor injection facility.

  • MEG is injected to the subsea tree through the umbilical to prevent hydrate formation in the pipeline. Major equipment of MEG injection are include the injection pumps, storage tanks, meters and its control and safety system.
    MEG tanks are provided by modification work on the existing West SENO void tank at hull complete with all its control and safety system. The tanks are also provided with the Nitrogen blanketing system and cathodic protection system.
  • The off-spec condensate from Bangka Condensate Cooler, reject oil from Bangka Hydrocyclone and drain from Bangka Production Separator and Coalescer Separator are flow to Bangka Wet Oil Tank. They are recycled back to the outlet line of Slug Catcher using the Bangka Wet Oil Booster Pumps and Bangka Wet Oil Main Pumps.
    The Wet Oil tank complete with the pump room are constructed by converting one of the existing West SENO void tank at hull. This Wet Oil tank is include the fuel gas blanketing system, cathodic protection system, venting system, control and safety system.
  • Existing West SENO utility system is used to support the additional utility demand of Bangka Topside Facility. Tie in work is performed to the existing West SENO piping system to connect the Bangka utility system to existing West SENO utility system.

    The West SENO utility system used to support Bangka Facility are:

Ø  Heating Medium System.

Ø  Cooling Water System.

Ø  Sand Jetting Water System.

Ø  Nitrogen System.

Ø  Fuel Gas System.

  • The new Fire and Detection System are installed as necessary as part of the Safety Instrumented System. This new system is tied to the existing West SENO Fire and Gas System. Additional fusible loop system are installed at Bangka facilities and tied to the existing system.
  • A new instrument supply system is installed for Bangka Insrument Air service requirement. This system consist of air compressor system, air receiver system, air treatment package and air distribution system. This new Instrument Air System is interconnected with the existing West SENO Instrument Air System.
  • The electrical power source for Bangka Facility is utilizing the existing source from gas turbine generators. The modification are being made to the existing West SENO LV-Switchgear to supply the electric power to new Bangka LV-MCC. Some power loads are being taken also from the existing West SENO LV-MCC. A new UPS and the battery are also installed to accommodate Bangka Facility requirement.
    A demolition works were done on the MCC room of the existing Living Quarter of West SENO FPU to accommodate the new MCC.
  • An integrated control and safety system is implemented on new Bangka Topside facilities. This system is aim at a safe, steady and efficient operation. The control and safety system of new Bangka Topside facilities are consist of the following:

    Ø  Process Control System (PCS).

    Ø  Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

    Ø  Fire Alarm Panel Panel.

    The Topside Control and Monitoring System are also integrated with the Subsea Control System for monitoring, control and shutdown of Subsea facilities.​Control and monitoring of the Bangka Facilities are being done from the existing Central Control Room (CCR) at West SENO FPU. The existing CCR is modified to accommodate the additional equipment of Bangka control and safety system.


  • The Subsea Control and Monitoring System are supplied by the Subsea Equipment Vendor (SEV) and are free issued from Chevron. This Subsea Equipment installed at Topside are as follows:

Ø  Master Control Station (MCS).

Ø  Electrical Power Unit (EPU).

Ø  Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).

Ø  Remote Operator Station (ROS).

Ø  Topside Umbilical Distribution Unit (TUDU).

Ø  UPS and battery.

The Subsea Control and Monitoring System is integrated to the Bangka Topside Control and Monitoring System.
Water Depth 3200 ft (approx. 975 m)
Project Completion September 2016